Construction Progress Photos for week ending 10/24

The loading dock is formed and almost ready to be poured.

Stripping the wall at the loading dock after the first pour.

Equipment room fans arrive on site.

First steel truck is on site and being unloaded!

Backfilling of the loading dock interior wall.

Progress of steel framing looking North.

Construction Progress Photos for week ending 10/10

Footing along 10 line looking south where rain water has filled the footings.

A continuous footing at the loading dock that is fully submerged by rain water.

Finally some dry weather!  East wall at equipment room looking north after the rain water has been pumped out.

Installation of the storm sewer inlet at the southwest corner of the equipment room.

Installation of piers and stem wall at the equipment room is on-going.

Electric service conduits installed as concrete workers continue to form and prep the south side of the Engine Room.


Construction Progress Photos for week ending 10/03

Looking North at the footing excavation along column line 10.

Looking East at the storm line south of the engine room being installed.

Looking North, workers prepare rebar for the footing at the dock office and loading dock.

Looking Southeast at the cleanout for the 6″ storm line.

Looking North, the continuous footing along column line 12 is ready to be poured.

And the rain begins!  Rain and high water table combine to make the site very saturated.

Footing K-10 is in the process of being poured.  This was one of the footings on K-line that had to be repaired due to the wood piles […]