Business Heats up at Port of Wilmington Cold Storage

The Port of Wilmington Cold Storage facility is bigger and colder than anything most people have ever seen or felt. And for businesses small and large, it is starting to heat up.

The Cold Storage facility is a massive, 3 million cubic foot facility, divided into a refrigerated loading and storage dock, a larger freezer section, and a blast-freezer compartment. But what sets it apart is its location inside the Port of Wilmington, according to Charles “Chuck” McCarthy, president of Cold Storage.

“We’re on the port property, which makes this one a few locations of its kind in the nation,” McCarthy said. “Just in terms of logistics, it’s huge.”Cold Storage President Charles McCarthy. In addition to being the owner and operator, Mr. McCarthy demonstrated his skill with a fork-lift. (Photo by Benjamin Schachtman)

McCarthy said the location primarily benefits large companies preparing to ship refrigerated and frozen products.

“We’re not the largest facility, or the largest port, but we’re the right combination for a lot of businesses in southeast North Carolina,” he said. “They can drive 50 or 60 miles to Port of Wilmington or six hundred or seven hundred to Savannah or up to Virginia. It’s an easy choice.”

McCarthy added, “transportation is a huge slice of the pizza. Warehousing is really a small one. These are pennies-a-pound businesses, and they’re looking for anyway to save money. If I can give them a competitive rate on warehousing, and cut their transportation costs by half or more, that’s good for them.”

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