Chuck McCarthy with North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler

North Carolina Commissioner of  Agriculture, Steve Troxler, visits Port of Wilmington Cold Storage!

Construction Progress Photos 07/27

Equipment being received at Port of Wilmington Cold Storage

Material Handling Equipment

Battery Chargers and charging stations.

The exterior of the office is looking good!

Tile in the restrooms and locker room areas.

Construction Progress photos 07/14

Ammonia arrives on site and is being loaded to the system.

Drop ceilings being installed in the office area.

More racks being installed!

Construction Progress Photos for 07/12

Concrete pours around the outside of the building.

Dock Doors installed.

Construction progress photos for 07/07

Installation of Racking in the freezer and Quick Freeze area continues.

Dock Plates being installed.

Ammonia Vessels

NC Ports!

The Port of Wilmington is Big Ship Ready!

Very interesting and exciting article!

Construction progress photos for 06.27.16

Racks in the Blast area.

Racks in the Freezer.

Dock Plates being installed.

Port of Wilmington adds another Latin American container service

Exciting news for the Port of Wilmington!  Please follow this link to read this article.




Construction photos for week ending 05/06

Pictures taken from the roof of the building

Rooftop view from our facility

Work continues on the interior floors of the warehouse

Construction Progress photos for week ending 04/02/16


Set switchgear at the main electric room.

Began to install the exterior densglass at the office.

Began interior framing in the Engine Room.

Continue fine grading at the Cold Dock and the office.

Set the final vessel in the Engine Room.