North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Tony Tata discussed the departments top priorities for the year. Among this list, he specifically mentions USA InvestCo and the development of the Port of Wilmington Cold Storage project.

RALEIGH — It’s a big year ahead for the Department of Transportation. In a board meeting Thursday, new Transportation Secretary Tony Tata outlined his top priorities for 2013.

“One is to create a needed infrastructure, the other is to generate necessary jobs,” said Tata.

Like Gov. Pat McCrory, Tata says getting North Carolinians back to work is key. One example starts with this week’s approval from the Council of State to move forward with the construction of a cold storage warehouse at the Wilmington port. It will be a large refrigerated holding space for produce while it’s imported and exported.

Tata says the project will add more than 100 jobs to the area.

“This is going to change the game for North Carolina poultry and pork farmers. Instead of having to travel to West Virginia and South Carolina, [they will] eventually be able to truck it right into the port of Wilmington. This will lessen the amount of miles our farmers have to drive,” added Tata.


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