Governor Pat McCrory delivered his State of the State Address this week, and highlighted the Port of Wilmington Cold Storage Project. McCrory went on to say:

“Now let me tell you about one of North Carolina’s other great strengths, and that’s our export potential. When I go overseas on trade missions as your governor, my number one priority will be expanding the exports of products which say ‘Made in North Carolina’.

The export of North Carolina products, especially our incredible agricultural products, is crucial in the rebuilding of our economy. To help achieve this goal, under the leadership of our Agricultural Commissioner, the Transportation and Commerce Secretaries, we gained approval to bring needed refrigeration to our Wilmington Port for our cold food chain exports. This will be one step forward that we must have to increase exports.”

Video of the State of the State

You can see PWCS highlighted in the video below at the 37:30 minute marker.